eatoutkenyaOne year ago, my friends asked me to join them for the Nairobi Restaurant Week and at the time I could not make but I promised myself that in 2016 God willing I would make it happen. So when the posters, posts, tweets and promotions started I was so excited. I could not stop browsing through the eatoutkenya website trying to select a restaurant.

It took about 2 weeks of checking and rechecking and we finally made our reservations at Adega restaurant at Lavington Curve mall. What attracted us was the cuisine they promised, Portuguese and the ambience of the premises from the photos looked promising. Read more


Weekends for me are always looked forward to as it is the only chance I get to unwind after long and busy weekdays. It is the time when I sleep in, prepare a sumptuous breakfast, try new breakfast recipes while at it, catch up on what was happening throughout the week, watch news outlets around the world to see what has/is happening in the world etc. before I ran my weekend errands. Read more