In life, different experiences affect/influence our subsequent decisions. As a result it is human nature to evaluate what we have achieved in comparison to our expectations.

For a long time I kept on thinking of a platform where I could share my love of food and the experiences that come with it.  Hence the blog,, and I have to say that although it is barely a year it has been a very interesting, fulfilling journey through which I have learnt new recipes, new cooking techniques, photography, blogging etc. Read more


For many of us making dessert at home is perceived as such a task that is either impossible to accomplish or too much work and we would rather  just buy the pastries and serve them at home for dessert. In the past few weeks as I have been going through food blogs I have come across some incredible dessert recipes that are easy to make whether you are an experienced home cook or just a beginner. Read more

Tilapia + rice & kale

Who says quality & delicious meals have to be complex prepared with some expensive and not very readily available ingredients?

I have learnt that in order to appreciate the diversity of meals you have to be comfortable enough to work with the ingredients that are readily available to you. You can whop something amazing in the kitchen from the simple ingredients  in all our kitchens from the onions, potatoes, tomatoes etc. This concept is tested by the chefs at master chef who from time to time ask the contenders to take the everyday ingredients and elevate them! Read more