eatoutkenyaOne year ago, my friends asked me to join them for the Nairobi Restaurant Week and at the time I could not make but I promised myself that in 2016 God willing I would make it happen. So when the posters, posts, tweets and promotions started I was so excited. I could not stop browsing through the eatoutkenya website trying to select a restaurant.

It took about 2 weeks of checking and rechecking and we finally made our reservations at Adega restaurant at Lavington Curve mall. What attracted us was the cuisine they promised, Portuguese and the ambience of the premises from the photos looked promising. Read more


Weekends for me are always looked forward to as it is the only chance I get to unwind after long and busy weekdays. It is the time when I sleep in, prepare a sumptuous breakfast, try new breakfast recipes while at it, catch up on what was happening throughout the week, watch news outlets around the world to see what has/is happening in the world etc. before I ran my weekend errands. Read more


January is quickly catching up, It is already the second weekend of the year! How fast time moves! I hope you are also picking speed up speed with your new year resolutions.

Over the holidays grilled meat was a staple especially beef which was in almost all the meals I enjoyed. It was served with potatoes, fried, roasted or grilled and of course vegetables.

I prepare beef all the time but it is always cut into small pieces which is easier to flavor and quicker to cook. This time though with the inspiration from the holidays I decided to prepare a pan fried steak!!! And I have to say it was a challenge that was worth it as it turned out as I had hoped, very juicy and delicious. Read more


As I write it is my hope is that your Christmas and New Year celebrations have been nothing short of blessings.  Mine has been full of joy and blessings and we thank God.

Each year at this time most of us reflect on the year that has been and hope that the New Year brings love, blessings, joy…  For me this year has been full of blessings in most aspects of my life although some experiences changed both my perspective of life and family. Read more

Scotch eggs

I was watching one of the episodes on Master chef, which happens a lot, and one of the contestants made scotch eggs from canned crab which was impressive and this made me remember my pork sausage scotch eggs. During the week when I visited my mum and I really wanted to do something special for her, I just knew that scotch eggs would be a perfect. Read more

Veggie Soup

There are times when you are so busy that when the week ends you look back and think to yourself really! The week is over!  I met my deadlines! Thank God! For me I reward myself by sleeping in on Saturday, making myself a sumptuous breakfast,  catch up on my series and food shows, research on recipes but the best part for me is when I try the new recipes. Read more

FISH STRIPS served with soy sauce vinaigrette

I love fish and honestly I eat it a lot of it both at home and in restaurants.  A few weeks back I was referred to a restaurant in town where I was informed their fish stripes are to die for.  I ordered the fish that they served with tartar sauce. I realized that the fish had been dipped in corn flour but I thought that the serving with tartar sauce made the dish quite heavy. Read more