It is clear from all the cuisines in the world that food is one of the most complex things which can be enjoyed in different ways as one wishes. The possibilities are just beyond!!!. Stuffing  especially chicken is not a new concept in fact there are so many ways to stuff different chicken parts. What intrigued me about this dish is the fact its a combination of some of the most delicious ingredients, chicken, bacon and cheese, and the easy preparation. I started off by rinsing my chicken in vinegar, this really gets rid of the raw chicken smell, before proceeding to de-bone the chicken breast into different portions[1] and flatten it into thin strips for ease of preparation and reduce cooking time. Preheat the oven into 1800 C before proceeding to cook the spinach for a bit until it is wilted. Spinach tends to get a bit watery when cooked so ensure hat you strain the excess water before adding the cheese. Mix them until completely combined and set aside. Season the chicken pieces on both sides with some salt and pepper.  Lay out bacon stripes on a board, place the seasoned chicken pieces on top, place the spinach and cheese stuffing on one and gently but tightly roll. Once satisfied that the roll is tight enough secure it with some toothpicks. This ensures that the roll stays put as it cooks. Repeat this for all the rolls required depending on the serve.

I then placed the rolls on a shallow baking tray and put it into the preheated oven at 1800 C for about 25 minutes.  When the rolls were cooking I could see that the cheese was melting all over the pieces as they cooked. After removing the pieces from the oven I noted that they were not brown to my liking and proceeded to cook them on a pan very briefly. The rolls can be served as appetizers before the main dish but in my case I served them with some butter potatoes as a main dish. PS: In order to avoid the rolls drying, ensure that you cover them with some foil. [1] If you have not de-boned a chicken before, check out multiple deboning techniques online. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:28]

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