Due to the busy schedules everyone is keeping, it has become quite challenging for families and friends to share recipes like before. As a result there is a generation willing to learn how to cook but they do not know where to start, luckily this is the internet era where e-magazines, newsletters, food blogs, cooking networks and most of all you tube exist.

For sometime I kept on seeing this recipe on food blogs, you tube, Facebook and as a result I kept on wanting to try it out. I was skeptical at first since I have known for a long time that cooked avocados tend to get this this unpleasant bitter taste!!! Despite the lingering doubts I decided why not.

The preparation method varies from one recipe to the next but in my case I used very few recipes i.e. bacon, 1 ripe avocado, 2 eggs, springs onions chopped, salt and pepper to taste.

The process is pretty easy does not require a lot of preparation time. I began by frying the bacon until they were almost crispy, sliced the avocado into two, removed the stone and slightly curved out part of the middle so as to ensure that the eggs would fill the space easily without spilling, lined it with some of the bacon, broke the eggs into the carved avocado however I did not curve out enough as it still spilled.  

Thereafter I placed them in a baking pan which I had lined with some vegetable oil and into the preheated oven at 2000 C for about 15-20 minutes. However I kept on checking the eggs to ensure that the yorks were cooked to my preference. I removed one of the avocados at 15 minutes and the other at 20 minutes. I sprinkled the chopped spring onions on the avocados before serving.

The flavor combination from the avocado, eggs, spring onions and bacon was amazing around the middle but as you progressed more towards the avocados skin the bitter taste kicked in bummer!!!

This is a recipe that I would definitely keep on preparing and serving while avoiding the areas closest to the skin.

Bon appetit loves.


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