I have just began my baking journey and as promised I will be sharing my experiences, recipes and results with you guys.

I consider myself to be an infant in this process still taking the initial steps which are hard but the feeling is incredible once taken. My plan is starting with some simple muffins, cupcakes, cakes and bread before venturing into the monsters, can’t wait!!

I had some banana’s that were going bad fast. When they get ripe, I prefer making smoothies with them but in this case  I opted to incorporate them in the muffins which were served for breakfast.

This recipe was very simple to me with some readily available ingredients. I did not incorporate all the ingredients such as the vanilla essence, walnut kernels and substituted the castor sugar for brown sugar.
As usual I began the process by measuring and assembling all the ingredients.

Some of the lessons that I have been taught with time is that for best results of any recipe the measurements must be par and if you change one all the others should also be changed at the same proportions. Remember the measurements are exclusive of the containers weights.The whole baking process is like chemistry and in order to ensure best results the process has to be adhered to otherwise you will end up with a totally different product.

I began pre-heating the oven to 2000 C. I then proceeded to mix the dry ingredients except the sugar which I then proceeded to sift. I melted the butter and when it cooled to room temperature I mixed it with the milk and eggs one at a time before adding the sugar. I mixed the ingredients until the sugar was dissolved and added the already mashed bananas. When these ingredients were properly mixed I slowly added the sifted dry ingredients which I continued mixing until I got a smooth butter.
When poring the butter into the cups lining the baking tray, I realized that it was too much that I had to add two extra cups and even started adding onto the cups to the brim.  As a result I ended up with some big muffins which I was afraid that they would not cook through but fortunately they did.

The cook time for me was also quite tricky since the butter was filled to the brim I cooked the muffins at 2000 C for about 25 minutes. I tapped them and `they sprang right back up an indication that they cooked.


I could not help myself as I started hogging them even before they cooled. I served them for breakfast and I have to say that they tasted great, the flavor combination was just right no ingredient was overpowering the other. I would recommend the recipe to anyone who wishes to make some healthy and equally delicious banana muffins.


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