Breakfast is very important for me and I look forward to weekends when I have time to spare and prepare some simple but equally delicious breakfast. After weeks and weeks of tight schedules I was finally able to get a weekend free and I decided to make myself one of my favorites breakfast serves [Tweet “fluffy BLUE BERRY PANCAKES”] with some blue berry reduction, Yum!

In this side of the world, blue berries are available almost all year round. I love them due to their nutrition benefits and they are delicious when eaten on their own or incorporated in recipes.

For this recipe I used very few ingredients but elevated the dishes aroma and flavors by adding nutmeg and cinnamon powders. I began by sifting the flour, added all the other dry ingredients and mixed them. Thereafter I added the margarine which I substituted for the butter since I didn’t have any at the time. I whisked the eggs and added the milk to the eggs and continued to whisk and thereafter added it to the dry ingredients. Ensure that you mix the ingredients properly until you get a smooth paste and add the berries to the mix at the end since this ensures that the berries are not bruised and bleed into the mixture. You may prepare the pancakes immediately or let the mix sit for about an hour.

As the pancakes mix was resting I began preparing the reduction, by adding some sugar  to some water and let it boil before I added the berries and let them reduce stirring regularly until cooked. As the berry reduction was cooking I began making the pancakes.I heat a pan at medium heat and poured the mix onto the oiled pan and let it cook until browned on both sides. As it cooked the sweet aroma from the nutmeg and cinnamon filled the kitchen.

I served the blueberry pancakes with the reduction which was drizzled on the pancakes while it was still hot. I must admit these pancakes were soo amazing that I literally ate the hell out the plate. Love love!!!

We have shared the recipe below for you to try these delicious pancakes in your homes.


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