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Hi guys I hope you are doing well. Thank you for visiting our page and we are grateful. has been sharing food experiences among others for over a year!!! Yay, cake everyone…

Time really does move fast and although our content’s consistency has changed  slacked  our love of  food remains..

[Tweet “ has achieved some milestones which we are very proud of thanks to you guys”] and we are hopeful that this upward trajectory shall continue with your support.
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I have just began my baking journey and as promised I will be sharing my experiences, recipes and results with you guys.

I consider myself to be an infant in this process still taking the initial steps which are hard but the feeling is incredible once taken. My plan is starting with some simple muffins, cupcakes, cakes and bread before venturing into the monsters, can’t wait!!

I had some banana’s that were going bad fast. When they get ripe, I prefer making smoothies with them but in this case  I opted to incorporate them in the muffins which were served for breakfast. Read more


I have been hoping to start exercising for a long time but I keep on making excuses for it. When I heard there was going to be a hike in Elephant hill, looks like an elephant from a distance, in the Aberdare Ridge I deliberated over it until the very last minute, when I decided to give it a try.

The facilitators informed us that this was going to be a serious hike and if you are a first time hiker you had to be very fit!!! I was a bit worried due to my inactivity over the past few years. Read more



In life, different experiences affect/influence our subsequent decisions. As a result it is human nature to evaluate what we have achieved in comparison to our expectations.

For a long time I kept on thinking of a platform where I could share my love of food and the experiences that come with it.  Hence the blog,, and I have to say that although it is barely a year it has been a very interesting, fulfilling journey through which I have learnt new recipes, new cooking techniques, photography, blogging etc. Read more


For many of us making dessert at home is perceived as such a task that is either impossible to accomplish or too much work and we would rather  just buy the pastries and serve them at home for dessert. In the past few weeks as I have been going through food blogs I have come across some incredible dessert recipes that are easy to make whether you are an experienced home cook or just a beginner. Read more


Weekends for me are always looked forward to as it is the only chance I get to unwind after long and busy weekdays. It is the time when I sleep in, prepare a sumptuous breakfast, try new breakfast recipes while at it, catch up on what was happening throughout the week, watch news outlets around the world to see what has/is happening in the world etc. before I ran my weekend errands. Read more


January is quickly catching up, It is already the second weekend of the year! How fast time moves! I hope you are also picking speed up speed with your new year resolutions.

Over the holidays grilled meat was a staple especially beef which was in almost all the meals I enjoyed. It was served with potatoes, fried, roasted or grilled and of course vegetables.

I prepare beef all the time but it is always cut into small pieces which is easier to flavor and quicker to cook. This time though with the inspiration from the holidays I decided to prepare a pan fried steak!!! And I have to say it was a challenge that was worth it as it turned out as I had hoped, very juicy and delicious. Read more