For many of us making dessert at home is perceived as such a task that is either impossible to accomplish or too much work and we would rather  just buy the pastries and serve them at home for dessert. In the past few weeks as I have been going through food blogs I have come across some incredible dessert recipes that are easy to make whether you are an experienced home cook or just a beginner.

I visited Pika Chakula Facebook account when I came across the most incredible looking dessert and the ingredients are my everyday ingredients. I liked the look of the dessert plus the description that I decided to try out the recipe myself and I have to say the results were incredible. It had the chocolate taste, sweet but not too sweet. Although it is a dessert the calories are minimal which means you can double dip guilt free!!  I love it!!!!

All you need for the dessert is some bananas, natural honey , natural yoghurt and cocoa powder. You can ration the portions depending on the amount you intend to prepare/serve.

Combine all the ingredients together, blend until thoroughly mixed and store in the fridge for above 4 hours.

I decided to add a little twist to the recipe by adding some peanuts which gave it some crunch.


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