I have been hoping to start exercising for a long time but I keep on making excuses for it. When I heard there was going to be a hike in Elephant hill, looks like an elephant from a distance, in the Aberdare Ridge I deliberated over it until the very last minute, when I decided to give it a try.

The facilitators informed us that this was going to be a serious hike and if you are a first time hiker you had to be very fit!!! I was a bit worried due to my inactivity over the past few years.

The hike started at about 10.00am, 4 hours uphill and 31/2 hours downhill, and I we were back to the base at about 5.30pm. We began at a slow pace since the initial stage was quite muddy as it had rained the previous night, but as we went higher we found more vegetation and solid ground which made the steps easier but even steeper with every step.

We came across multiple small hills, as you would say, and each time we thought to ourselves we are getting there only to find that there is another hill beyond and it went on and on. However we kept on encouraging each other throughout the hike and it became more of a challenge that we had to conquer as a team leaving no one behind.

As we climbed we came across vegetation that kept on changing as we went higher which felt more like a new chapter every time, fresh water springs with some cold water, the mud added some fun to it and difficulty to the climb at the same time.

However for me the two most exciting parts in the whole experience were: the views when we got to the summit, we literally could see the clouds beneath us, and the feeling when we got to the summit was priceless.

The cold, being rained on, the falls, the dirt, the mad all were worth it as I nursed myself the following day as the muscles ached away the following day.

Hoping you are enjoying your weekend as you cook away.

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