FISH STRIPS served with soy sauce vinaigrette

I love fish and honestly I eat it a lot of it both at home and in restaurants.  A few weeks back I was referred to a restaurant in town where I was informed their fish stripes are to die for.  I ordered the fish that they served with tartar sauce. I realized that the fish had been dipped in corn flour but I thought that the serving with tartar sauce made the dish quite heavy.

Since then I had been thinking about making the dish at home  but when I make fish at home it is usually fish curry which I serve with rice.  So when some friends decided to come over to my place, I just knew what  bitings I would make for them, FISH STRIPES!.

When  making the fish stripes most people will season them and immediately fry them. However I decided to marinate the fish in coconut cream, black pepper and salt for 30 minutes at room temperature to ensure that the flavours were infused in the fish.

After the 30 minutes I pat dry the fish stripes,  to ensure  that when they are dipped in the maize flour too much flour does not stick to the fish making it very heavy and  difficult to cook through and through. In order to ensure that the fish was properly seasoned,  I added some salt and black pepper to the flour and cooked the stripes till they were browned which took between 6-8 minutes.

To finish off the dish I decided to serve the dish with the soy sauce vinaigrette which  bursts with flavours of heat, sour and the acidity  complementing the fish.

Soy sauce vinaigrette is delicious when used on grilled meats. I will share a recipe on how to prepare the sauce later.



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