If you work a 9-5 in Nairobi you are probably forced to leave your house at least an hour before earlier in order to make it to work on time, which at times is close to two which is ridiculous. On the other had in order to avoid the crazy jams I prefer leaving the house pretty early and as a result \i end up having breakfast at work. That’s why over the weekends I spoil myself with breakfast prepared by myself.

On this particular Saturday I was missing my mum and her cooking. Since I could not travel all the way home for mummy’s cooking I decided to prepare one of the dishes which she taught me how to prepare way back in primary school, the classic but sumptuous french toast.

I decided to prepare the toast with some very simple ingredients which would be available in all our kitchens i.e. eggs, milk,cooking oil and of course the toast. I opted not to add any spices such as cinnamon since I was serving the toast with caramelized bananas which are sweet and the resulting flavor combination was amazing and as  Laura Vitale would say there was a party in my mouth!!!! LOL

The dish is very easy to make since the steps are simple i.e. whisking the eggs and milk together, dipping the toast and immediately transferring the toast onto the pan with some heated vegetable oil.

When caramelizing the bananas I used the same pan which I used to prepare the toast. I cooked till they were brown on all sides to bring out the sweet flavors.

In my experience I have learnt that one has to be quick between the dip and putting it on the pan as over-soaking the toast results in some soggy and/or under-cooked toast which no one wants to eat.

I hope you guys enjoy the serve and the weekend.


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