Labour Day breakfast.

Happy Labour Day to all my Kenyan readers!!!

What are you having for breakfast?

I know majority of us ate lots of bread growing up. At the time margarine spread was a must and/or the jam.  I loved this combination.

But as I grew up the monotony I guess became boring and I started exploring other breakfast options. Lately I love spreading some peanut butter on it and/or adding some other protein and fruit spreads.

In this instance I made it two ways: – banana and avocado & egg combinations.

I toasted the bread slices in a pan in order to control the moisture left in the bread.

As you all know I rarely throw away my ripened bananas as I incorporate them in my dishes depending on how ripe they are.  In this case the bananas were quite ripe and I sliced them into small pieces which I layered on the toasted bread.

The avocado and eggs combinations are my favorite as I have this love relationship with both of them. I can eat them all day long!!!

I began by breaking the egg into a pan ensuring that the yoLk set without breaking. I seasoned it with some salt & pepper. Thereafter I sliced the egg on the toasted bread slice, before layering the avocado pieces on the egg. You can choose to also add some salt and pepper on the avocado but some people opt not to.

Bon appetit.

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