January is quickly catching up, It is already the second weekend of the year! How fast time moves! I hope you are also picking speed up speed with your new year resolutions.

Over the holidays grilled meat was a staple especially beef which was in almost all the meals I enjoyed. It was served with potatoes, fried, roasted or grilled and of course vegetables.

I prepare beef all the time but it is always cut into small pieces which is easier to flavor and quicker to cook. This time though with the inspiration from the holidays I decided to prepare a pan fried steak!!! And I have to say it was a challenge that was worth it as it turned out as I had hoped, very juicy and delicious.

The beef was marinated in rosemary, ginger & garlic, soy sauce, black pepper for 45 minutes. I opted not to add salt to the dish as the saltiness from the soy sauce is enough for me. The combination of the flavors was well balanced. I let the marinated beef temperatures rise to room temperature for about 15 minutes to ensure an even cook on the steak. I heat a pan to medium heat and cooked the steak for about 5 minutes on each side.
When they say nothing is wasted in the a good cooks kitchen they are right. I decided to reduce the marinade from the beef with some red wine which I served with the beef.
The dish was served with some potatoes mashed in some milk and spiced with just salt and black pepper.

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