courtesy of cake festival

Hi guys I hope you are doing well. Thank you for visiting our page and we are grateful. has been sharing food experiences among others for over a year!!! Yay, cake everyone…

Time really does move fast and although our content’s consistency has changed  slacked  our love of  food remains..

[Tweet “ has achieved some milestones which we are very proud of thanks to you guys”] and we are hopeful that this upward trajectory shall continue with your support. strives to achieve the following on this second year of existence:

  • Share more recipes and more recipes and even more frequently
  • Strive to explore cuisines from the different parts of the world and for those that we cannot prepare ourselves we shall find restaurants or other food lovers who can show us how to make them. We have already started featuring different food bloggers on our site with similar on even different outlook when it comes to food. Check out our featured section. 
  • Endure to continue producing the content as well as improve on it through continued research.
  • Continue sharing our food love with you guys.

Happy new month guys, December is next!!!

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