Scotch eggs

I was watching one of the episodes on Master chef, which happens a lot, and one of the contestants made scotch eggs from canned crab which was impressive and this made me remember my pork sausage scotch eggs. During the week when I visited my mum and I really wanted to do something special for her, I just knew that scotch eggs would be a perfect.

The first time I had scotch eggs was some years back during a training and I remember approaching one of the caterers trying to find out how they were able to get the proportions right, the spices were right , the seasoning was perfect and they were cooked to perfection without the egg being too dry.

Through repeated practice I have been able to balance the flavors of the dish by use of simple and readily available ingredients in my kitchen. I love using some coriander in the meal but did not find any at the time and I had to work with what was available to me.


The dish takes a maximum of 30 minutes depending on the number of serves you intend to prepare.


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