eatoutkenyaOne year ago, my friends asked me to join them for the Nairobi Restaurant Week and at the time I could not make but I promised myself that in 2016 God willing I would make it happen. So when the posters, posts, tweets and promotions started I was so excited. I could not stop browsing through the eatoutkenya website trying to select a restaurant.

It took about 2 weeks of checking and rechecking and we finally made our reservations at Adega restaurant at Lavington Curve mall. What attracted us was the cuisine they promised, Portuguese and the ambience of the premises from the photos looked promising.

The restaurants ambience did not disappoint and we were immediately received by the waiters who were very friendly. They were polite and quick to take our orders and to manage our expectations they informed us on the contents of each dish in detail as well as the approximate waiting time which I have to say was on point. At no time did we have to wait for long before the next course was served. That was impressive!!!

The menu was limited and we did not have much to select from but enjoyed our three course meal.

We started off the evening by ordering their Chicken rissoles and Chicken fingers. The portions were sizeable, not what we are used to, so delicious that they left us in anticipation of the next course.

The main course we tried the LM chicken served with some vegetable rice, vegetables and pumpkin while the fish was served with some fries, vegetables and pumpkin as well. I have to say this course was equally delicious but we found the presentation to be quite sloppy, may be a larger plate would do or smaller portions that can all be accommodated on the plate.

The dessert was the best part so delicious I enjoyed both the Brownie a la mode and the Crème caramel. I ate them all!!!

The food was so much we ended up requesting the restaurant to pack the meal for us to carry home as we could not finish the portions especially the main course.

I have to say that we enjoyed ourselves to the maximum and I would recommend anyone to visit the restaurant any day based solely on my experience.

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