Tilapia + rice & kale

Who says quality & delicious meals have to be complex prepared with some expensive and not very readily available ingredients?

I have learnt that in order to appreciate the diversity of meals you have to be comfortable enough to work with the ingredients that are readily available to you. You can whop something amazing in the kitchen from the simple ingredients  in all our kitchens from the onions, potatoes, tomatoes etc. This concept is tested by the chefs at master chef who from time to time ask the contenders to take the everyday ingredients and elevate them!

If an idea of a dish seems great in your mind why not try it. For years I have enjoyed serving spinach puree, some rice and other accompaniments of choice usually beef or tilapia. With this in mind, I thought to myself if spinach works kale should too and voila i decided to make rice cooked in blended kale and hoped for the best results.

This can easily be a weekday meal prepared when you you don’t have a lot of time on your hands as it takes less than 45 max to prepare and it is not bland.

How to:

Start by ensuring that the tilapia is dried, seasoned with some salt and black pepper on both sides and let it sit for some time.

While the tilapia is sitting and the seasoning is being absorbed into the fish, Begin the preparation of the rice by rinsing it in running water and set aside. Cook the onions vegetable oil and once translucent  add the garlic & ginger for some flavors. When cooked add the tomatoes & green peppers  and when the tomatoes start reducing add the tomato paste and the dry spices, see recipe card.

Blend the kale in 11/2 cups of water and add to the tomatoes bring them to a boil before adding the rice and let it cook. Ensure that the rice is properly seasoned by adding some salt & pepper.

As the rice cooked, start cooking the tilapia, you may choose to cook it in butter or some vegetable oil at medium heat ensuring that it does not stick to the pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side avoiding overcooking it.

Serve immediately with the rice and you may choose to add some vegetables of choice.


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