It is often said that too much of something is bad, but not bell peppers. A colleague was selling the red peppers in the office and I got myself a few and since then every meal I have prepared has red pepper as an ingredient ranging from egg omelets to vegetable rice.

When I got the peppers  I went to the internet searching for recipes and that’s when I came across this simple recipes one of which had red peppers as an ingredients. As usual whenever I come across a recipe that I have not tried before I always want to try it out and the peppers were in play.

After cutting out the rings I ensured that I charred them in the pan before breaking the eggs into the rings. This brought out the sweet taste in the peppers.

I seasoned the eggs with some black peppers and salt. I cooked each side for about two minutes, but this depends on how one likes their eggs.

I served the eggs in the rings with pan toasted bread. I normally toast my bread slices in the pan as I can ensure that I have the right amount of moisture left in the slices.[amd-yrecipe-recipe:13]

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