Growing up porridge was a common delicacy in our house.  Porridge is nutritious but nobody likes the taste of just plain porridge without any other additives. Mum used to indulge my sweet tooth by adding some sugar and milk which made it sooo delicious.  I used to look forward to going home after school as I knew mum’s delicious porridge would be waiting. Such memories!!!

As time went by I started enjoying porridge even for breakfast and decided to substitute some of the sugar with some sweet bananas. I have seen some friends, especially those with young families, opting to mill their own flour in order to ensure that they have as much nutrients as possible. In this instance though I used store bought flour which contained sorghum and millet.

Porridge is one of the easiest to prepare as it is does not require complex ingredients or steps. I began by assembling the ingredients i.e. flour, milk and sugar.  Then I proceeded to boil some water and as the water was boiling I added some little water to the flour to make a smooth paste. When the water came to a boil I added the paste and stirred until it boiled.  I then added the milk and sugar, stirred and left it to boil for about 8 minutes.

The result was delicious creamy porridge which I served with some bananas for breakfast.  It was such a filling breakfast that left me energized for the day.



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